Marathona Internazionale di Tango Milonguero a Parigi 5° Edizione

International Paris Tango Rally

5° Edizione

Marathona Internazionale di Tango Milonguero


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Antonio e Cinzia Ci Saranno . . .

. . . 3 Giorni a Parigi Con il Tango 

Venite con Noi?


Maestri IPT RALLY’12 &13



Judith ELBAZ & Christophe LAMBERT (France)

One of the most well known French tango couple


There peculiar style and the way they move

on the dance floor, made their reputation as one

of the first  and major nuevo tango styled dancers

and teachers in Paris.

On the dance floor you’ll see a perfectly controlled

body danced tango, with great musicality and a 

iproper nterpretation of the melody.

Do not miss them because they’re worth it.




Cinzia POZZOLI & Antonio NAPOLITANO (Italy)

First Italian couple to have been invited to CITA in

BAires, they are extremely professional and have

a method of teaching able to convey all the magic

sensation that tango can create.

Characterized by elegant and fluent movements,

their tango is chiefly based on improvisation and

musicality, showing a sensibility and a communication

inside the couple that make tango so special.

Co-founders of Tango è Vita, one of the biggest

italian tango association, they promote and diffuse,

tango throughout Italy.

Their presence among us, for the First time in Paris,

is a true true sign of friendship and sharing.



Alessia LYNDIN (Italy) & Thierry LE COCQ (France)

Elegant and resoluted dancers, based in Paris

where they teach and from where they travel

all over the 5 continents where they regularly

give workshops and take part in some of the

biggest International Festivals.

On the dance floor a remarkable  couple of

dancers of a delightfull and emotionnal

scenic presence and, in addition, a complete

teaching couple whose pedaggogy make

unanimity on the tango planet.





In his book (tangos, milongas and candombes) Argentine guitarist and singer

Gaston Pose interprets classical themes and personal compositions,

which he approached with humor and critical thinking topics related

to daily and social life of his countrymen.

A different tango, innovative…


You will meet him during IPT RALLY’13 proposing different songs every

night  during the “Tango Apéritif”.




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